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This former pro football player went from flipping a house to building a $1 billion real estate portfolio

Aaron Wagner lays out his path to investing success and reveals the 3 steps you can take to do it too – without having money to start with.

For Aaron Wagner, the answer to building a great career after pro sports was real estate investing.

Wagner began by flipping houses before moving into doing multi-million dollar commercial real estate deals.

He told Insider his story, and explained how anyone can follow a similar path to success.

Aaron Wags: From Rags to Wags, Creating a Financial Empire & Multi-Million Dollar Network

Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K | A Podcast for Multifamily Real Estate Investors and those Looking to get in the Game

Joining us on the Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K Podcast is Aaron Wagner, otherwise known as Wags.

Wags is the Founder and Managing Partner of Wags Capital, a specialized small cap boutique investment firm. Wags has a diverse background in real estate, lending, debt, and private equity/venture investment, having participated full time in the industry since 2009. Wags is extremely diligent in his pursuit of opportunity and was able to capitalize tremendously on the last recessed market, building multiple companies that specialized in the acquisition of distressed assets, repositioning, stabilization and resale of special assets.

Wags and his team have been intricately involved in all aspects of the business including Equity and Debt sourcing, lending, consultation, principal project development, and many other Real Estate specific roles. Wags also led his companies to a number of large acquisitions and investments outside of the real estate sector, including successful companies in industries such as health technology, food and beverage, media, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products/e-commerce.

Prior to his involvement full time in real estate and private equity/business investment, Wags played professional football. Wags attended Brigham Young University and Washington State University on a full athletic football Scholarship and was awarded multiple athletic awards and accolades throughout his career.

Wags is proactively involved in various charities and sits on the board of the Shelter Kids Charitable organization. Mr. Wagner was born and raised in Canada and has been in the US since 2000. He and his wife Candace, have 7 children and reside in Alpine, Utah

On this podcast we go over:

  • His humble beginnings
  • The drive you need to become successful
  • HOW you can become successful at an early age
  • NFL background into Multi-Million Dollar businesses
  • Generational Wealth

Aaron Wagner Discusses Real Estate Investing, Building A Multi-Million Dollar Network, And Finding investors To Partner With

Aaron Wagner was this week’s guest on Success Profiles Radio.

He is the Founder of Wags Capital, a specialized small cap boutique investment firm. His investments are in industries such as real estate, health technology, food and beverage, media, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce.

We talked about how he started real estate investing during his pro football career, the sports lessons he learned that translated to business, why some people accumulate wealth and others don’t, overcoming self-limiting beliefs around money, and how he decides what to invest in.

In addition, we discussed what he learned about real estate investing during the last recession, when he thinks the next bubble will happen, the biggest mistakes people make in real estate investing, and which niches he wants to get into.

Finally, we talked about pitching investors to work with you, building a powerful network, and his 7 step formula to crush your year.

A Good Idea Doesn’t Guarantee you Success

Aaron Wagner, CEO of Wags Capital, talks about how getting unexpectedly cut from his high school volleyball team became a blessing in disguise in his life and why being an “ideas person” isn’t all that it is made out to be, especially if you are unable to execute on those ideas.

How the Average Investor Can Get Started in Real Estate

He is the Founder of Wags Capital, a specialized small cap boutique investment firm. His investments are iAaron Wagner, a former football player turned self-made real estate investor & Founder and Managing Partner of Wags Capital, joins ‘Your Future Home’ to help break down the best first steps the average investor can take into the realm of real estate, and how wholesaling can be a smart investment.